Overview Edit

Allfield is a sandbox-style storytelling game for groups of people created by artist Ben Jerred. Cards are divided into twenty series, and all cards are interchangeable. Each Series A through T is made up of 300 cards and are based on a graphic novel. The first Series A is based on content from the story The Girl In the Jar. The cards are 2.5 by 3.5 inches. The game has a very open structure.

Card Categories Edit

There are several categories of cards in the deck. These include categories like Animals, Astronomy, Geology, Knowledge, Characters, Objects, Plants, and Places.

Official Rules Edit

The cards of Allfield can be simply collected for whatever purposes a fellow Allfielder chooses. However, a simple and fun group game can be played, whose rules are listed here- ina link to a black and white, 60 card Print and Play pdf, around 11 MB or so.

Game Variations Edit

  • Zorgaroth Style (An ongoing, recorded game, but reveals refined and thoughtful variations of the rules, with a hint of insanity)
  • Team Vs. Team - Teams of players work and battle against other teams. This can include turning on one another, which usually gets messy quickly.
  • Neverending Mode - Each game is an episode of the same developing characters, allowing for huge changes and growth over time.
  • Cooperative Quest - Opposite of Team Vs. Team where groups band together to achieve an overarching mission.
  • Virtual or Simulator games - works great on gaming sites like Google Groups,, or Tabletop Simulator.
  • All Text Vs Artifacts: The game can play without accessories, or players can develop pieces and maps to help others visualize their ideas.

Game Wardens Edit

Fans of Allfield can become Game Wardens to spread Allfield gaming in their communities.

Series List by Number Edit