Overview Edit

Boldids are rare crystals that glow when touched by a living being.

Description Edit

Boldids are valuable gems that shine a blue light when a living being touches them. They are found in caves. They originate from a 5-layer crystal encasement grew around the core of the planet at its formation. The closer to the core, the more powerful the crystal. Boldids are the second most powerful crystal in Allfield. They are generally shaped into a faceted hexagon by gem miners like those in Senbash.

Boldids have always been treasured, even during the ancient prehistory of Allfield, when many valuable and special things were in abundance. Boldids are generally used as status symbols or family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. They also are used in certain rituals and ceremonies.

Allfield Game Information Edit

Boldid's card number is A083 and is a level 70.