Overview Edit

Bulf Bizak is an old nomadic shepherd and spiritual guide who wanders the grasslands of Praul outside the city of Fuzeval.

Description Edit

Bulf is considered a Kehiss-the highest rank within Allfield's herding community called the Heth-Hebba ("The Many-Flocks"). He has no possessions unless he finds a good walking stick along his way.

Bulf Bizak is rumored to be the brother of Go Bizak, the ruler of Fuzeval at the time of the events in the graphic novel The Girl in the Jar. However, neither of the two ever talk about the other.

Bulf Bizak is 206 years old at the time of the story. He weighs 8 pounds and stands 3 feet tall. He keeps his ears tied down.

Little more is known about Bulf Bizak. He claims to be in contact with Callockers and is an expert astronomer himself. It is rumored he is Abilic, but this is unverified.

Allfield Game Information Edit

Bulf Bizak's card number is A046 and he is a level 15.