Greenlight Gardens is a story created during an Allfield Game, presented by Nusha.

This is the story of Nusha the Nasha, a Lorki named Lonnie, Croboot, a Human, and a Vatael named Gane.

The general idea of the story involved descending a cliff to find a large insurmountable wall. Our group accidentally destroys the control panel of a door but we eventually get through-one of the characters calls upon the Gight and it rains down and destroys the wall-pretty sweet. On the other side is a beautiful garden but no people. There are towering monoliths and a starlit sky overhead. I believe the green stars overhead turned out to be the spirits of people like Croboot. I think I remember someone gets stuck up in the air on top of one of the pillars and eventually is saved by a Lahiak. There was more but those parts were pretty great. One of the character was a ceramic Lorky toy that was living, and she won purdines from the deck which came in handy in the gardens.

A fun thing that stands out from this story was a character using the Gight as an unpredictable ability you could summon.