This is a story presented and played by Henry the Fick.

Henry the Fick, and Croboot wake up from a sleep in a strange dark shack. Feeling around, there is nothing there but old dried leaves blown in the window, a locked door with no handle, and a sealed jar in the corner. Henry uses his powerful senses and determines there is life surrounding them outside the shack. They feel a latch on the top of the door and head out.

They are on the edge of the woods on a sandy beach surrounding a small lake or pond. There are hundreds and hundreds of oxlis outside.

Henry goes back in the shack and opens the jar. A voice comes out of it cursing us for disturbing the jar. The oxlis all disappear, fleeing in the woods.

The ground starts shaking and a huge demonic force rises from the lake. Henry dives into the sand and releases a beam of energy from his tail. This temporarily hides them, but not for long. They flee into the woods. Henry puts his tail in the ground again and sends out an energy blast, and this wakes up and summons a raculis. The two explain their situation to the raculis, so he encourages them to follow him underground.

The raculis tunnels deep and they follow. Eventually they break through into an immense cavern filled with pits of lava and a small town. The raculis says goodbye and leaves, and the two begin exploring.

They enter a shop to ask questions, and there is a group of very tall, robed beings huddled in the back. They turn and have what look like brains for faces. They approach with weird food and act like loving overexcited grandmothers with a new baby. They give them cookies and suggest they go to the map store to find a way out. Then they all suddenly leave the shop.

Henry and Croboot find the map shop, but the shopkeeper is hard to work with and won't make any sort of deal, not even for favors. Frustrated, the two explorers leave, when the demon force finds the lava town and descends.

Henry and Croboot engage in a wild showdown relying mostly on swinging from stalactites and using the Fick's sensory tail to deliver energy blasts, which eventually drive the demonic force away and lift the curse. Pretty fun adventure! I wish I had written it down as we played, as there were many small details and funny situations where things wouldn't work the way we wanted and landed us in weirder situations. But those were the parts I remember.