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A Purdine is a green crystal that glows a steady green glow.

Description Edit

Purdines are found in caves. They are used in jewelry, rituals, lenses, and lamps. They have a very high value. They are naturally faceted, but gem workers, like those in Senbash, accentuate their shapes.

Purdines originate from the formation of the world. When the world was formed, five distinct layers of crystal formed over the fiery core of the planet. The closer to the core, the more valuable and powerful the crystal was. Purdines are third from the core, and is the lowest of the glowing crystals.

More about Purdines will be discussed when the Prehistory of Yaial is released.

During the events of The Girl in the Jar, many homes were lit with purdines. Loja and To-Laat Adi used purdines attached to their warehouse keys to light their way when they did night work.

Allfield Game Information Edit

Purdine's card number is A088 and it is a level 50.