Round #1:

Deal 3 cards to each player (I feel selecting your personal 3 cards could take a lot of time depending on the person playing and even with only 60 cards it’s a lot for a group of people to look through, and then of course who gets what, coz someone might want the same cards. Who decides who gets what? Dice or random dealing to determine) -

Each Player Selects their character from their 3 cards. Each player shares the description of their  characters and leaves card face up. MOD cards that a player decides to share are left face up, but those they choose to keep secret are left face side down.  (what if you don’t get dealt a CHaracter card? I had a player discard a card from their hand and pull from the deck until a character was discovered, if a character isn’t pulled player will continue to pull until a character is pulled. All other cards will be shuffled back into the deck)

Alfielder 1  - Villet Amol  - Mod 1 : Gane Za-Ked (Character), Mod 2 : VelFah (Object)

Alfielder 2 - Yaial - Mod 1 : Fan Drover (Character), Mod 2 : Vatael Flag (Object)

Alfielder 3 - Bud Fussit - Mod 1 :Moon Grass (Plant), Mod 2 : Fick (animal)

Alfielder 4 - Warrel Bish - Mod 1 : Lada Tare (Character), Mod 2 : Unminding (Knowledge)

Round #2:

Storyteller  - Villet Amol - Card Pulled - The Far Seer : All four characters are in a room. An ancient artifact sits on the floor. The walls are covered in a mysterious plant life, it seems to be breathing. a weathered stone wall is seen from sections of the plant life that are missing growth. On the wall sections are ruins of some sort. The ceiling is gone. A bright light shines down from above. Plant life seems to be creeping in. The smell of burning wood is in the air mixed with a hint of fungi. Water drips from the ceiling into puddles creating an almost melodic song. (this took some time. I feel maybe a guideline for starting the story to make it move at a better pace/or to keep it moving could help. Maybe use a guide of who,what,where,why, when,how, and maybe in a way incorporate a general Sight, Sound, Smell aspect. These can be optional choices for the storyteller to follow if maybe they are drawing a blank or have too much detail. Of course in a situation where the players are on top of things and have set ideas in place. The Guidelines of not saying what the others are thinking or doing is a great part of the guidelines too. )

Yaial - “This is Bad”.... I turn to Bud Fussit and a tear falls down my cheek. “We never meant for this to happen”. I slump to the floor and close my eyes. End turn (if a character chooses to do nothing more than add to dialog and/or their background they may do so. They may then end their turn)
Bud Fussit - I walk up to the artifact and try to pick it up. As I attempt this I speak a spell “Dor Gon tu Venda”.

Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you pick up the artifact.
Bud Fussit - Rolled: 2
Storyteller - Bud fussit fails to pick up the artifact and falls backwards. He leaves nail marks on the artifact. The walls shudder and the fungi smell seems to increase.
Warrel Bish - I arrogantly Move to the artifact. I look to Bud Fussit and say “Watch how a real Lofi does it!”. I close my eyes tight, and a Golden Glow emits from all around me. I attempt to lift the artifact.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you pick up the artifact.
Warrel Bish - Rolled: 1
Storyteller - Warrel fails to lift the artifact. He goes cross eyed and drool starts to slide out of the sides of His mouth. The plants shudder more and a crystal mist fills the air. Strike for Warrel Bish. (might get some stones or something to give to a player to indicate a strike)

(The Storyteller is the Holder of the Dice)

Round #3:

Storyteller - YaiAl - Card Pulled - Noro Jar: StoryTeller gives Noro Jar card to Villet Amol (if a storyteller gives a card to a player that card must be used by the player during that round). The Plants continue to shudder and the Crystal mist continues to permeate the air. A hissing sound seems to be coming from the artifact. The water dropplets sound like they are speeding up. The bright light from above continues to pour down on almost every part of the room. 2 corners are not touched by the light.

Bud Fussit - I stand to my feet and attempt to whistle as loud as I can.

Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see how loud the whistle is.

Bud Fussit - Rolled: 4

Storyteller - The whistle is inaudible and spit and air fly from the lips of Bud Fussit.

Warrel Bish - I snap out of my haze.

Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see how coherent you are after snapping out of haze.

Warrel Bish - Rolled: 2

Storyteller - As you attempt to shake your dazed condition. You shake too much and topple over.

Villet Amol - (Card was given to this player, they must put it into play. It may now be used by any other player when it is their turn.) “I think i may have something that can help us with this artifact” I pull out the Noro jar to open it and….
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you open the Jar.
Villet Amol - Rolled: 1
Storyteller - Your Hand slips on the lid and you almost drop the jar. Strike for Villet Amol. The room seems to breathe and the temperature is starting to increase. The hissing sound has increased and the artifact is starting to shake.

Round #4:

Storyteller -Bud Fussit: Card Pulled -Lightstem wish: Hovering around Yaial’s head are 4 Lightstem wish’s. He doesn’t seem to see them. They are fluctuating in opacity. It syncopates with the plant life all around the room. The artifact is visibly shaking and all around the room things begin to shake. Rocks and pebbles are falling and rolling all about the room. The crystal mist seems to have gathered all around the Noro Jar sticking to it.

Warrel Bish - I am now back to my normal self. I can see the lightstem hovering around Yaial’s head. My friend Lada Tare emerges from the back of my cart holding a book.(Lada is a Mod Card it is now face up next to players character card. It is now in play but only the player with the Mod card can control it or give it away. )  It whispers into my ear and my eyes light up. I whisper back into Lada’s ear. Lada Tare Jumps from my cart and walks toward the artifact

StoryTeller - Roll 1 D6 to see if the artifact or any surroundings react to Lada Tare moving in closer.
Warrel Bish - Rolled 5
Storyteller - Choose a Team Mate to  Help assist Lada walk towards the artifact.
Warrel Bish - I choose Yaial to help assist.
Storyteller - Lada stumbles as it approaches the artifact. Yaial attempts to catch lada but lada is agile and regains footing without help. It jumps onto the artifact and the crystal mist move vigorously to lada and starts to attack Lada. The plantlife all around is shaking and plant parts are flying through the air.
Villet Mol - I attempt to get the mist off of Lada.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if your attempt is successful.
Villet Mol - Rolled 3
Storyteller - The crystals don’t seem to come off of Lada, and now they are getting all over Villet Mol’s hands. A second chance is given to Villet Mol.
Villet Mol - As i try to wipe the crystal mist off of Lada I decide to pick up the Nora jar. Something compels me to try and open it.

Storyteller - This time you open the jar and as you do a black mist pours out of the top. You stand there holding the jar looking into the jar with wide eyes. All the while lada continues to try and get the crystals off of itself. The room is a roar of wind and high pitched sounds. Yaial and Bud seem to be dazed.
Yaial - I move to Villet Mol and reach inside the jar.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you pull anything out of the jar.
Yaial - Rolled 6, pick a card from deck - Klodis card.
Storyteller -  From the jar Yaial has pulled the Klodis plant. He holds the plant into the air and as he does this all the mist crystals rush to the plant. They seem to engulf it and then they all disappear. Meanwhile the Lightsem wish are now in full view to everyone but yaial. The room has calmed down and the artifact is now floating. Lada is standing on the artifact.
Round #5:

Storyteller -Warrel Bish: Card Pulled -Gadenfall: on the floor is a note. It seems to have fallen out of the Noro jar. The room is calm and the artifact floats peacefully above the ground with lada on top of it still.
Villet Amol - I set the Noro jar down and pick up the note. I read it aloud “it says Gadenfall ferries 1 free trip”. Do we know where gadenfall is?
Storyteller - Yes
Villet Amol - “I remember this town. I wonder why it was in this jar?” hands the note to Bud Fussit as he approaches the artifact. I put my hands on the artifact.
Storyteller - Nothing happens when you touch it.
Villet Amol - I begin to inspect it with my hands and eyes. Do I find anything?
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you are successful in finding anyhing.
Villet Amol - Rolled 6, Pick a card - Purdine, keeping card (player may choose to keep any items pulled from the deck or put it into play. They may choose to share the card with other players.)
Storyteller - You discover a switch like mechanism.  
Yaial - I would like to telepathically contact a friend.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you are successfull in contact.
Yaial - Rolled 4
Storyteller - You get a headache. The lightstem wish flutter violently around your head one flys directly into your mouth. It appears to take control of you.
Bud Fussit - I walk up to the artifact and click the switch that Villet found.
Storyteller - As you flip the switch the artifact begins to move in a way that seems like it is configuring itself to perform a task. When it finsihes its movements it is facing Bud.
Bud Fussit - Does any of us know what this is?
Storyteller - Yes, yaial.
Bud Fussit - I turn to yaial. “Yaial i think you could have given us a heads up about this, i know you know what this is. Can it help us get out of here?” I look into the piece that seems to be like a lense.
Storyteller - You see nothing.
Bud Fussit - I whistle. At the edge of the hole in the ceiling appears a Fick. I smile and call out to the creature.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if the creature understands you,
Bud Fussit - Rolled 3.
Storyteller - The creature turns it’s head side to side trying to understand. You try again and the creature scurries off.

Round #6:

Storyteller -Villet Mol : Card Pulled - The queens garden: As Bud’s creature runs off the bright light from above suddenly goes out and a constellation appears above the players.
Yaial - Am I ok after the lightstem wish flying in my mouth? Do I know what the constellation is?
Storyteller - You seem to be. Yes.
Yaial - “This is not good” I move toward the artifact. “ this constellation means there is danger coming” We need to get to GadenFall and seek out help. Bud is your friend getting help?”
Bud Fussit - “I hope so. I sent him to seek MackDagon. He will know what to do”
Storyteller - Yaial starts to feel strange.
Yaial - Do I understand what’s happening to me?
Storyteller - yes, roll 1 D6 to see if you can overcome the feeling.
Yaial - Rolled 3
Storyteller - You bend over in pain, but you have another chance to get better.
Yaial - I pull an herb and eat it.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D 6 to see if it works.
Yaial - Rolled 5. I choose Bud Fussit
Storyteller - Bud roll 1 D6 to see if you help.
Bud Fussit - Rolled 6
Storyteller - Success! Yaial is no longer being affected by the ailment.  As this happens the creature Bud sent away returns.  Bud Roll 1 D6 to see if the creature was successful.
Bud Fussit - Rolled 2
Storyteller - Bud excitedly “Boykins!!! You Better have help!”.. The creature is frightened and disappears.
Warrel Bish - I attempt to get Lada to climb up to the opening,
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if Lada is successful.
Warrel Bish - Rolled 2
Storyteller - Lada starts to climb and slips. Warrel frustrated yells and Lada refuses to continue.

Round #7:

Storyteller -yaial : Card Pulled - Quiet Command: Card is given to Villet Amol. VIllet Amol now has this power. Lada is visible upset and reading a book in protest to helping the group. The constelation above seems to be getting closer or larger. The Lightstem Wish are flying quickly around Yaial’s head.
Bud Fussit - I pull out my moon grass and wave it in the air. “This moon Grass is Boykin’s favorite it’s like wristle wrot from Angaldine.”
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if Boykin’s is enticed.
Bud Fussit - Rolled a 5
Storyteller - Choose a player to Assist. They must roll 1 D6 to see if they can help you.
Bud Fussit - I choose Villet Amol to assist with his new power.
Villet Amol -  Rolled a 5,
Storyteller - Villet Amol shall now choose a player to assist. They must roll 1 D6 to see if they can help you.
VIllet Amol - I choose Yaial.
Yaial - Rolled a 4
Storyteller - The constellation vanishes from site with a great bang and blinding light. Leaving everyone momentarily blind. The ceiling begins to cave in. Boykin’s runs away.
Warrel Bish - Does Yaial know how to get out of the room? Do I know he probably knows? I have faint recollections about this from a book i read.
Storyteller - Yes Yaial does. You suspect he does.  Roll 1 D6 to see if it suddenly comes back to you.
Warrel Bish - Rolled a 2
Storyteller - You fail at remembering and suddenly can’t stop thinking about a book you once bought from a merchant selling figgledents next to a tadden vendor in Crideo.
Villet Amol - I grab my purdine and run over to the artifact. Dodge ceiling pieces as they fall. I reach the artifact and attempt to shove the purdine in the hole on top of the artifact.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you succeed.
Villet Amol - Rolled a 1
Storyteller - The gem doesn’t go in as if it’s too big. Villet Amol gets 1 Strike. The room is at almost complete collapse it appears as if they have no way out.
Round #8:

Storyteller - Bud Fussit : Card Pulled - Unyik Funat : As the ceiling crumbles all around our players at very large wooden ladder comes sliding down from the opening at the edge of the ceiling. It reaches the artifact and rests on top of it. At the top of the ladder we see Unyik Funat. Next to him is Boykin’s jumping around frantically. Unyik Funat yells down to the players. “Hey you fools! Get up dat ladda!!!”. All characters must roll 1 D6 to see if they climb up the ladder.

Warrel Bish - rolled 5, Villet Amol - Rolled 2, Yaial - Rolled 2, Bud Fussit - Rolled 6
Storyteller - Warrel Bish choose a player to assist you and they must roll 1 D6 to see if they are successful. Villet Amol  You jump to the ladder and the rung you land on breaks and you fall through hitting your head on the ground knocking yourself out. Yaial as Villet jumps and falls through the ladder you had been moving under the ladder and Villet crashes down on top of you but flying through you. However the sudden violation of your being stuns you. Bud Fussit you were the first one to climb the ladder and you reach the top only to look below and see the folly of your companions.
Warrel Bish - I choose Bud Fussit to help.
Bud Fussit - Rolled a 4
Storyteller - Warrel Bish tries to pull himself and Lada tare up the ladder. Bud Fussit reaches out to help pull them up and the ladder is smashed by falling debris, warrel bish and Lada tare fall landing on top of VIllet Amol and through  Yaial. As bud Fussit looks to Unyik Funat to yell for help the edge of the ceiling caves in. Rocks and plantlife fall into the room piling higher and higher leaving a giant cloud of dust.

Warrel Bish - Am I conscious?
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see how conscious you are.

Warrel Bish - Rolled a 1
Storyteller - You are out like a light. Warrel Bish gets 1 Strike.
Villet Amol - Am I conscious?
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see how conscious you are.
Villet Amol - Rolled a 5
Storyteller - Choose a player to help. They must roll 1 D6 to see if they can help.
Villet Amol - I choose Vaial.

Vaial - Rolled a 4
Storyteller - Vaial starts to realize what has happened when all the Lightstem Wish’s fly into his mouth. Vaial begins to glow and then vanishes. Villet Amol is conscious now but still trapped.
Vaial - Do I know where I am?
Storyteller - You have a vague feeling of familiarity. You look around and see that you are in a bedroom. It appears to be the home of a filthy and disgusting being. Very simple objects are in random places in the room. Empty bottles are piled in the far corner. There is a tongal storm outside the window. You smell an odor that is very sour. A body is slumped by the pile of bottles.
Vaial - DO I know who that is?
Storyteller - If you have a character in your hand you may choose to make them the unknown body, or you may roll 1 D6 to see if the storyteller will decide who it is.
Vaial - Rolled a 1
Storyteller - You look closer at the slumped body and see that it’s really a sack of dadagoes. They smell horrible and are dripping of slime.
Round #9:

Storyteller - Warrel Bish : Card Pulled - Bulf Bizak : Back at the ruins of the room with the artifact. Unyuk Funat is working quickly to fashion some sort of a wooden tool. There are still sounds of debris falling and the dust is still very thick. Below in the room Warrel Bish/Lada Tare and Villet Amol are somewhere underneath a pile of rubble. To the left of the destroyed hole is Bulf Bizak Meditating.
Villet Amol - I would like to use my telepathic power to contact help.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to find out if you are successful
Villet Amol - Rolled a 2

Storyteller - As you try to telepathically contact help you find you are in the mind of a frothy bearded Tanjetle in a Barvadar on the outskirts of Praul. This being your first time using this power you get an enormous headache.
Yaial - Can I get back to my companions? Did the Lightstem Wish’s affect me in any way? If they did do I know what happened?
Storyteller - Yes you can get back. Yes they did affect you and you know what happened.
Yaial - “I must get back to my friends. They will not be able to stop this evil alone.” I close my eyes and begin the process of teleporting back to my friends.
Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if you teleport back successfully.
Yaial - Rolled 6
Storyteller - You successfully teleport back to your friends. You appear next to Bud Fussit looking down the hole that was once a edge of a ceiling to the artifact room.
Bud Fussit -  “yaial!! I thought you were down there? How did you get here”
Yaial - “I can’t explain that right now. First we need to get our friends out of this mess!”
Bud Fussit - Do I know about the meditating monk? Will he be able to help us?
StoryTeller - Yes and yes!
Bud Fussit - I yell to the meditating being “Hey guy! Any chance you can help us out here?”
Storyteller - He doesn’t move. As if he didn’t hear anything.
Bud Fussit - “Yaial! Can’t you do something?” I frantically start throwing debris to the sides desperately trying to free my friends.

Storyteller - Roll 1 D6 to see if your efforts help.
Bud Fussit - Rolled a 1
Storyteller - Your fingers start to bleed and your arms drop to your sides with utter exhaustion. Bud Fussit gets 1 Strike.
Round #10:

Storyteller - Villet Amol : Card Pulled - Porfane or “Pory” : As Bud Fussit sits exhausted and completely in despair and yaial is in deep thought. A giant herd of Porfane come barreling through the forest causing even more destruction and chaos.