Overview Edit

Graceful, quick creature with poor vision. It has two sets of ears and a strong nose to navigate.

Habitat Edit

Udas live in forests and their surrounding fields.

Description Edit

Udas can position their four ears to "tune" into their surroundings. This enables them to move with ease during the night or day. They have a free floating "bead" bone in their skull connected to their nasal passages which can vibrate and click at a high frequency. This clicking bouncing off surrounding objects and terrain and allows to the Udas to "see".

The Udas eats plants. It is mostly hunted by Olids, and while the Udas is a daytime creature, they usually have to move their nesting sites several times a night to avoid being caught.

Udas live approximately 10 years. They grow to be 5 feet tall and weigh 40 pounds.

Allfield Game Information Edit

Udas have a card number of A074 and are a Level 20 card.